Deer Antler Gold

This response was submitted by Leon on 10/26. (216 78). 186Personally 40, never boiled wood deer. After the central obstruction, you cut the coast of flesh and membrane with borax covered the skull plate. Hang and allow to dry. All remaining meat can be peeled Awayeasily when it's time for a change. I believe that borax changed plate remnant Amy advises error. I have pictures, the 40 years old and are still in good condition. This is my opinion. This response submitted by Joe j 10/26. (41207). 16 3-do exactly what Leon said, and had no problems. One other thing, I will search to remove the membrane that remains within the framework of the CAP. I believe that this piece of skin is the largest source of the odor. This response submitted by Bucknut 10/27 (76-155). only 224 2I clean, get the borax and dry. But before you go, take my Dremmel tool and use you the mind see the deer antler gold antlers together with Burr. This cleans very well and not hot. Yay! You can now follow spring pin on your eBay feed. Notifications via email about new offers. Send me notifications via email. .